Help us take care of the people who need it.


In the last twelve months, we have served our precious Jesus in Kenya, The Philippines, the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, New York City, Atlanta, Georgia every Sunday, and the March National Dental Convention in Atlanta. The Gospel has been spread to each of these places, resulting in many changed lives. However, there are still so many lost souls that do not know the truth of Jesus. God has provided for and equipped us to do these things and we believe that He will continue to provide for us to do more. That is where you come in.  

We want to build clean water wells for our partners in Kenya where they drink muddy and bacteria filled water, we want to bring thousands more pounds of rice to feed hundreds more families in The Philippines this year, we want to have more coats for our homeless friends in Atlanta this winter than ever before.


We believe that God prompts His followers in accordance with the needs in His kingdom, and we believe God has given us the honor of seeing these needs face to face and enabling us to meet them. God has allowed us to help, but the financial possibility of our ministry relies on your partnership with us. Your monetary contributions bring all our plans to help people to fruition. We need your help to feed, clothe and bring water to the people who need it. If you feel like you want to be a part of what we are doing by providing a financial contribution, please click the donate button and contribute your part to all that God is doing with Holy Spirit Ranch Ministries. We are humbly grateful.