It is an ongoing project to build a Worship/Training Center up in Jasper, Georgia, made for the purpose of training and lifting up soldiers for Christ. A place to grow and inspire, instruct and love, worship and stand in awe of the Father.

God has made it clear that we need help to continue taking His Word to the “lesser” among us. From the homeless ministry in the inner city of Atlanta to the Philippines, the Lakota Sioux reservation and Kenya, God’s ministry has grown beyond what Virginia and I and our small volunteer staff can do alone.

We needed a way to train others, from the communities we serve, to take The Lord’s message out among the people. The vision for accomplishing this, as God is leading, is for us to found a missionary teaching facility. The goal is to attract people who are called to serve in the mission field both in the local community and abroad and need the skills.

The Lodge at Holy Spirit Ranch in envisioned to be that place. It will be located on our current grounds. Much work has already been done. Basic designs are in place, the building has been approved by local authorities, the land is debt free and surveyed. We’re ready to break ground!

All we need is you. Your generous financial support will allow the Lord’s vision to become a reality.

With God’s Love,

Pastor Joseph Betts


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