What's happening in kenya...

Our outreaches to Kenya have reached a total of 3, each being 2-5 weeks at a time. God not only told us to go to Kenya, but He told us to bring supplies, food, water and gifts with us. We have traveled throughout the country bringing the love of Jesus to every person we encounter. After the years of international communication and intermittent personal visits, we have established strong friendships and relationships with people in Kenya, particularly the Masai Tribe and small church congregations in the surrounding remote areas. We have brought thousands of pounds of rice, beans and maize, and have managed to build a latrine in Masai Land, providing a sanitary waste system for hundreds of the Kenyan people in this region.


the water problem in masai:

The Masai tribe in Kenya, Africa need a sanitary, easily accessible water resource instead of walking miles to reach this muddied pond for all of their water needs. Check out this video to see their current situation. Help us build them a well!

“For in one Spirit we were all
baptized into one body”
1 Corinthians 12:13