"Ways to combat Coronavirus"

Different ways to combat the Coronavirus through spiritual matters. The condition of your heart, faith, and emotion all have a direct physical effect on your body. So we need to become spiritually fit.

"Jonah And The Whale"

The message is about when God sent a mere human being to deliver His word of correction to the most evil powerful city in the world.

"Who, Where, and Why"

The enemy is very busy causing confusion and hatred in the world and in our lives. He is always reminding you that your failures and sins are okay. We need to busy reminding ourselves who we are, we are children of God. When we give our lives to Jesus Christ we belong to God as His possession. He gives us the Holy Spirit, He chooses to move in and let His Spirit live inside of us.

How to Activate Our Ability to Love?

Join Pastor Joseph Betts as he shares God’s message on how to have the ability to love. We are fighting back the enemy of hate with love, but are we fully operating in that? And the only way is to be connected to the vine who is Jesus Christ.

"Conquer Hate with the Power of Love?"

The message is about love and the bible is a book of love. If we look at the world right now like the lyrics of one song said “What the world needs now is love sweet love” and the world does, and they need the love of Jesus and they need to see it in us.

"Let Jesus Heal You"

The message is all about how much Jesus loves you and then Jesus would say your faith has made you well. So come to Jesus now and be healed.

"To Be A Slave To Be Free"

Today’s message is don’t be a slave to this world, to the lies of this world. Be a slave to Jesus and gain your freedom.

"Thank You God"

The message is about thanking God for everything He has done and the ways on how we thank Him.

"Power Against Suicide"

Join Pastor Joseph Betts of Holy Spirit Ranch Ministries, sharing the message about the spirits of depression and suicide and how to have victory over those spirits in the Name of Jesus.

"Washed by the Blood of Jesus"

What do we need to do to get rewashed as white as snow? As we know once the snow at the ground for a while it doesn’t stay so clean. Today’s message is about how the blood of Jesus can cleanse us from our sins as white as snow.

"Peace and Truth will Destroy Confusion"

How does the state of confusion affect us looking at what is going in the world today? People in making decisions in their life need to based decisions on truth but the enemy created mass confusion all over the world through his lies. Pastor Joseph will talk about how to have clear decisions in this Wednesday message.

"Tongues For Tearing Down or for Building Up"

Unity in the body of Christ and what we are saying with our mouth will be discussed in this message. Right now these are times of great attack with the church and the body of Christ in the world. There’s persecution among the world over Christians. Join us and listen to God’s Word through this sermon message.

"Peter The Rock"

The message is about God’s mercy and grace. Pastor Joe will speak about Simon Peter and how God used Peter and how God will use us.

"The Lost Sheep"

If you walked away from Jesus right now in your life, (they call it “backsliding”) or you know someone that has? Jesus wants you, He loves you and He wants you back to be safe with Him as your Shepherd.

"Warfare In Our Heads"

Right now with the quarantine of many people throughout the world, we are literally “sitting ducks” of the enemy to attack us in our minds. The mind becomes the battlefield when the war is fought, that is why we need the full armor of God in order to win this spiritual battle.

"Are We A Light of Love and Humble Power?"

Do we attract people leading to Jesus? Think out of the box and let God change the way we think so we become more like Jesus. Let us all be encouraged with this God’s message shared by Pastor Joseph Betts.

"Me With My Unbelief"

This message is a continuation of the previous topic of Forgiveness. What is holding us back from getting the power of God’s Holy Spirit? How we can overcome the spirit of doubts messing with us in a big way?


Forgiveness in your heart unleashes the power in you. God can use you to bring people for His Kingdom through salvation, miracle, and healings. Watch and listen to Pastor Joseph Betts’ message about “Forgiveness”.


The “hope’ that people see in us because we are a believer is what we need to pass on to people. As Christians we can come to Jesus and get a lot of hope.


We all have our part in leading the people to Jesus. Apostle Paul mentioned that a body is made up of many parts and the hand is no good without the brain. As a part of the body we have the responsiblity to honor what God has given us.

"Your Body is a Temple Part 2"

This is a message continuing the previous message about our body that God created as a temple that contains the Holy Spirit when we become Christian believers and the Spirit moves in this temple.

"Treat Your Body Like a Temple"

This message is to remind us about our body being a temple that Spirit of God lives in. We are God’s precious vessel where the Holy Spirit manifest in us as believers of Christ.