Holy Spirit Ranch Ministries (HSRM) was established as a 501c3 in 2004, and has been reaching further and further ever since.

The ministry first came in the form of camps for underprivileged children of the metropolitan Atlanta, GA area at our home base in Jasper, GA. Our base has the blessing of being planted at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a haven for fellowship, growth and inspiration by God’s amazing creation. This is where our name came from, because God gave us the privilege of establishing a “ranch” where rest and growth were corralled in abundance. These camps consisted of Bible study, teachings, worship, play and most important, seeing the depth of God’s love for His people and children.

During these early years of the ministry, alongside the camps, HSRM hosted youth groups and Bible studies on Friday nights, furthering the lessons started and harboring more space for young people to learn about the Lord and spend time together to be encouraged and strengthened.

In 2012, the ministry took several steps off base and began a now 6-year ministry in Atlanta, Georgia working with the overwhelmingly large homeless community downtown. Since this ministry began, Holy Spirit Ranch Ministries has not missed a single Sunday of services and giving to the homeless in downtown Atlanta, making that a God-breathed 6 years of Sunday afternoons. Every Sunday, we do a service of teaching and encouraging, time of worship, food drive, supplies giveaway (blankets, clothes, band aids, toiletries, etc.), prayer and anything else we feel God wants to share that week. So, if you think of us on a Sunday afternoon, send up a prayer, because we will be there, rain or shine. 

Around the same time our Homeless Outreach began, God opened a door in South Dakota. He called us to go to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to embark on investing in a friendship with the Native American Lakota People. Here, we have invested in relationships and grown friendships with people living on this reservation that has a history of strongholds of violence, poverty and spiritual deadness. As a part of our relationship with the Lakota people, we bring them supplies, clothing and food each year. In our time there, we share Gospel teachings, pray for healing of the land, provide encouragement, and offer a free dental clinic to all who come. There is so much more that God has in store for these people and we will continue to walk with the Lakota people until God’s love has moved every life.

A couple of years later, God gave HSRM our first urgency to jump across the ocean. God opened a door to set our feet in Kenya, Africa. Our outreaches to Kenya have reached a total of 3, each being 2-5 weeks at a time. God not only told us to go to Kenya, but He told us to bring supplies, food, water and gifts with us. We have traveled throughout the country bringing the love of Jesus to every person we encounter. After the years of international communication and intermittent personal visits, we have established strong friendships and relationships with people in Kenya, particularly the Masai Tribe and small church congregations in the surrounding remote areas. We have brought thousands of pounds of rice, beans and maize, and have managed to build a latrine in Masai Land, providing a sanitary waste system for hundreds of the Kenyan people in this region.

Not long after that, God called us to jump a different ocean and begin our latest outreach in the Philippine Islands. We have, so far, gone on two trips to The Philippines and have seen incredible growth and revival there. God enabled us to bring overwhelming amounts of rice and beans to the people, and blessed us with seeing just as many salvations. God is doing a serious work in the Philippines right now and has allowed HSRM to be part of His plan involving Biblical teaching, encouraging, and supporting established churches and partners, street evangelizing and supplies/food giveaways in the impoverished Philippine villages and slums.

We believe God has a lot more opportunities in store for us to serve in, and we are so humbled and blessed to be able to look forward to more adventures with Him. So many of the people we have met and will meet need to hear and feel God’s love, and we hope God uses our story to inspire you to bring the gift He has given to so many more.

With the love of Christ,

Holy Spirit Ranch Ministries Team